Sunday, 21 March 2010


I have opened up an online shop for my yarns.

Monday, 15 March 2010


Oh Colin ~
Be still my heart! In front of me sits the most vibrant, delicious skein of yarn that's so totally different from anything in my stash (not quite as large as yours but embarrassingly substantial). You have chosen a perfect skein for me! Indeed, the colors are more intense than the monitor indicated and I'm pleased as punch. This skein is getting bumped to the top of the pile. We will live with each other a while and see what pattern it wants to be....I swear, just a plain stockinette appeals to me...nothing it disrupt the colors.
You were right that I should have been expecting it. Who would have guessed just a couple of weeks?
Oh my, you've made me happy. Thanks so much! I will order again. And again. And again. Uh, keep dying? Gee, that sounds rather morbid....
Your package was waiting for me wow! what beautful yarn and the colours are amazing.
I have petted and stroked both my 'new babies' and I'm feeling much calmer now.
Purple Heart.... did I say WOW ? I LOVE this colour, no idea what it will grow up to be but will be handled and cared for until the muse stikes.
Martha's Vinyard.... bee-yoo-tee-ful, the blend of shades is delightful.
I know I have mentioned it before but these yarns and colours prompt me to say yet again.....
You, my Knitterly friend are an artist.
Hi Colin,The wool arrived today and it's great - the colours are amazing and I can't wait to get knitting some fantastic socks! I shall keep an eye out for more zany colourways - the crazier the better!!
Hi Colin:Earthsong arrived in today's mail and it is just as wonderful as I expected.. the colours are so rich and lovely. This is the second handpainted yarn I've bought from you and the quality is superb. I can't wait to get knitting!
Hi Colin,I received my package and I just want to say how beautiful the yarn is. You did a great job on dyeing!! The skein is so soft; I LOVE it!! Thanks and keep up the good work. :))
I have almost finished knitting the first of the last two skeins I bought. I started off putting a rib pattern into the socks but pulled that out and knit them all in stst. Even a fairly plain rib interfered with the lovely patterning. Coalminer's son is currently the subject of a fight between my husband and brother!
“Colin, I arrived home from Australia late last night to find Grand National and Tiger Tiger waiting for me. You are right - Grand National should be a Prize Winner! Tiger Tiger was more electric than I had imagined, but I actually loved it as well - I think it will be STUNNING when it is knitted up. Thanks for all you do. It is such a pleasure doing business with you!
“Wore my Fight Club socks for the first time yesterday and I love them. For the first time, in I can't remember when, my feet were warm! Not only is the dye gorgeous, the yarn itself is fantastic. I've decided to treat myself to some with cashmere in it. “
“Collin, I got my yarn Monday(hidden tiger), what lovely color and texture. Thank you so much.”
“Hi Colin, Just received my yarn sooner than I could have expected…what a pleasure doing business with you. The yarn is lovely…the colors are sumptuous and richer than in the photo, the yarn feels and smells lovely…can’t wait to start knitting my first Andersson toe-up socks with the Mach 2 heel”
“Colin, My latest 'baby' has arrived safely and is truly beautiful. " "I got the yarn yesterday and all I can say is wow. Very bright colors and it smells wonderful! "
"Two things-----First and foremost, have received the yarn is gorgeous! I am still stroking and fondling it and deciding what it wants to be, it's too lovely for socks, I think it wants to be small shawlettes or scarves . Thank you so much, keep up the good work!"